BetDSI offers players in the US a place to wager on online Casino, internet Horse Racing and Sportsbook games. They also reward new players with a Welcome Bonus that is geared toward Casino and/or Sportsbook bonus rewards.

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BetDSI Bonus Codes
BetDSI Bonus CodeBonus DescriptionWagering Requirement
USACASINO100% Casino Welcome Bonus on deposits of at least $50! Can be claimed up to $500. Only casino games40x Casino
USABONUS50/50 Welcome Bonus on deposit of at least $50. 50% bonus match on casino game and 50% bonus match on sportsbook games. Can be claimed up to $100020x Sportsbook / 40x Casino



100% Casino Welcome Bonus

BetDSI offers new players a 100% Welcome Bonus that prefer to wager solely on Casino. This Casino Deposit Bonus can be claimed up to $500. This promotion bonus can be applied only to Casino games.

To claim this promotion, you must make a minimum deposit of $50 and use the USACASINO bonus code. In order to claim this 100% Casino Welcome Bonus, you must sign up for a BetDSI account. Then, while making your deposit, you will have the opportunity to choose your desired bonus codes from a list of available promotions.

This promotion comes with a 40x rollover amount, also known as wagering requirement. If you are new to wagering requirement, it is the amount you must wager, after claiming a bonus, before you can withdraw money from your potential bonus winnings. We will go over wagering requirement in detail, later in the review, if you wish to learn more.

For now, we will use an example to help give a quick explanation. If you deposit $50, you will receive a $50 bonus and apply the 40x rollover amount. This would make your total wagering requirement $4000

($50 Deposit + $50 Bonus) x 40x rollover amount = $4000


50/50 Welcome Bonus for Casino and Sportsbook

If you are looking to wager on Casino and Sportsbook games, BetDSI offers a 50/50 Welcome Bonus.
With this Welcome Bonus, your deposit and bonus will be split between the two types of games. You can claim this bonus up to $1000. This is double the amount of the Casino only Welcome Bonus we talked about.

To claim this promotion, a minimum deposit of $50 must be made into your account. You must also use the bonus code USABONUS.

When you claim this bonus, there is a different wagering requirement to the Casino and Sportsbook portion of the promo. The Casino wagering requirement is 40x and the Sportsbook wagering requirement is 20x. If this is confusing we will use an example. If you were to deposit $100, $50 of your deposit would go towards the Casino portion of the bonus and $50 would go to the Sportsbook portion. Viewing the deposit this way, makes it easier to calculate the wagering requirement for each separately.

For the Casino portion, a 50% deposit bonus will be applied to your $50 of your deposit. That would make your Casino bonus, $25. Now add the Deposit with the Bonus and multiply that sum by the 40x wagering requirement.

($50 Casino Deposit + $25 Casino Bonus) x 40x wagering requirement = $3000

That would make your total wagering requirement $3000 for the Casino portion of the Bonus.

For the Sportsbook, a 50% deposit bonus will be applied to the $50 portion of your deposit. That would make your Sportsbook bonus, $25. Now add the Deposit with the Bonus and multiply that sum by the 20x wagering requirement.

($50 Sportsbook Deposit + $25 Sportsbook Bonus) x 20x wagering requirement = $1500

Once you break up the Casino and Sportsbook portion of the bonus into two separate pieces, it is easier to understand how the bonuses are applied and how the wagering requirement is calculated.

If you are still unclear about wagering requirement, we will explain it in detail below.


Horse Racing Cashback

For those that are interested in the Racebook, BetDSI offers up to a 8% Daily Cash Back on Horse Racing wagers.

For wagers placed at the Racebook, a 3% cashback will be given on internet Win, Place and Show wagers. If you choose to place an internet exotic wager, you will receive an 8% cashback.

To learn more about the BetDSI Racebook or this Cashback Bonus, contact BetDSI customer service.

To get started you can claim the 50/50 Welcome bonus or the 100% Casino Welcome Bonus

This racebook promotion has no minimum requirement on how much you must wager. There is also no maximum on how much you can claim.


Wagering Requirement

For those new to online casino, you may be unfamiliar with the term Wagering Requirement. To put it simply, Wagering Requirement is applied after you claim a bonus and is the amount you must wager on games before you can withdraw your winnings from that bonus.

Now that you have the basic understanding of what wagering requirement is, we will explain how to calculate the total wagering requirement after you claim a bonus. The three basic values you must obtain, to calculate the wagering requirement is Bonus Amount, Deposit Amount and Wagering Requirement factor. (Sometimes Wagering Requirement Factor is used interchangeable with the terms playthrough or rollover) Now you take the Deposit Amount and the Bonus Amount and add them together. With this sum you will then multiply it by Wagering Requirement factor. This value is the total Wagering Requirement.

(Deposit Amount + Bonus Amount) x Wagering Requirement Factor = Total

You will have to read the terms of any promotion you plan to claim to get these numbers. We will use the 100% Casino Bonus to make this clear. So let’s assume we make the minimum deposit requirement of $50. This would give us a deposit bonus of $50. When you read the terms of the USACASINO promotion, you will see the wagering requirement factor is 40x. Now plug that into our formula and you get:

($50 Deposit + $50 Bonus) x 40x Wagering Requirement Factor = $4000

As you can see, calculating the total for the Wagering Requirement is easy once you read the terms of the promotion.

Now you have the details to determine if claiming a promotion is worth it based on how you plan to wager. The total Wagering Requirement is often the biggest reasons to accept or turn down one bonus and accept another. So make sure to pay attention to this before claiming a promotion.


Claim a Bonus Code

All bonus codes can be selected at the time of deposit. You will need to click on the “Deposit” button on the top menu bar. This will take you to the Cashier page, where you can select your choice of banking options to fund your account. On the page you fill out your banking information, you will see a list of bonus codes to choose.


Claim a Bonus Code


Instead of needing to remember the exact bonus code, you can simply select your desired bonus code from a list of bonus codes on the deposit page. Once you see the bonus you want to claim, press the checkbox next to the bonus code. You are now ready to complete your deposit.

(If you prefer to not claim a bonus you can do so too. There will be 1x playthrough based on your deposit amount.)


Create your BetDSI Account

Now that you’ve read about all the bonus codes available at BetDSI, you most likely are interested in creating your BetDSI account.

As you will see, the process to create an account is simple. To see details about how the BetDSI sign-up process works, read our “BetDSI Free Bet Promo Codes and Welcome Bonuses” review and scroll down to the Create Your BetDSI Accountsection. There you will find a detail description with screenshots to provide a visual reference.


Deposit Money Into Your BetDSI Account

Once your account is created, you will be ready to make a deposit and claim any of the Welcome Bonuses we wrote about above, like the 100% Casino Welcome Bonus (USACASINO).

You will have the options to deposit into your account using Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express), Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and others) and MoneyGram. The process to making a deposit is easy to understand. If you would like a detailed instruction on how making a deposit works for the different funding options, check out our “BetDSI Free Bet Promo Codes and Welcome Bonuses” review and scroll to the Deposit Into Your BetDSI Account section. In the review, you can follow step-by-step instruction and photos to help you follow along.


Request a Payout

After you claim a promotion and meet the wagering requirement, you may be interested in making a withdrawal from your BetDSI account.

Currently the best way to make a withdrawal is through Bitcoin. You will also have the option to receive your payout in the form of MoneyGram, Bank Check, Money Order and ACH Transfer. All withdrawals will be subject to approval.

The process to request a payout is as easy as making a deposit. To get instructions on how to request a payout, make sure to read our “BetDSI Free Bet Promo Codes and Welcome Bonuses” review and scroll to the Withdraw From Your BetDSI Accountsection.


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